For Surgeons

Greenslopes Anaesthesia Services commenced in 2002 with 5 anaesthetists (Drs Lew, Richards, Shadforth, Soong & Thang) after the Repatriation Hospital run by the Department of Veterans Affairs was transitioned to Greenslopes Private Hospital (GPH). The associateship has served the patients and doctors of GPH and the doctors continue this strong support of GPH’s surgeons and proceduralists. 

The associateship has grown significantly since then and doctors within the associateship provide anaesthetic services to all the major private hospitals in Brisbane. The service also extends to many smaller private hospitals and day surgeries throughout Brisbane. A list of the hospitals currently serviced by members of the associateship can be found here.

Why work with Greenslopes Anaesthesia Services?

Breadth of coverage

Your surgical specialty

Members of the associateship provide anaesthetic services for a broad range of surgical specialties. You may wish to refer to the GAS Anaesthetists section on our website for more details on the individual anaesthetists, their areas of interest and their experience. Alternatively, you can phone the friendly administration team, who can provide you with a list of the available anaesthetists who cover your surgical specialty at the locations you wish to operate.

Your hospital

The GAS anaesthetists service all major private hospitals in Brisbane and many of the smaller private hospitals and day surgery centres. The administration team will usually be able to match you to anaesthetists accredited where and when you need their services. 

Your type of cover

Whether you need anaesthetic services for regular surgical lists, adhoc lists or emergency procedures, the GAS administration team will work to find an anaesthetic doctor available for your needs. 


The members of the Greenslopes Anaesthesia Services associateship work collegially to provide cover for each other’s surgeons on a roster basis out of hours. There is an on-call anaesthetist available, from 17:30 each weekday, and right across the weekends and public holidays. 

Ease of contact

During office hours
(07:30:- 17:00 Monday to Friday)

Simply phone the GAS administration team on 3847 4477 and they can contact members of the associateship with your request.


  • Phone: Phone the GAS rooms number out-of-hours on  3847 4477  and you can be connected directly to the on-call anaesthetist at the press of a button.
  • App: Our app allows you to see which anaesthetist is on-call at any time and contact them with a single press. Please contact us if you would like us to set up the app for you to use.
  • Backup: If the primary on-call anaesthetist is already booked with other emergencies, circumstances permitting, they may be able to assist you in finding another available GAS anaesthetist to cover your case.

Generous office opening hours

Our office is open from 0730 to 1700, Monday to Friday.

We listen

We listen to our surgeons and are interested in their feedback. The administration team regularly sends out short ‘Surgeon satisfaction surveys’ to ensure the needs of the surgeons are being met by their anaesthetist and the shared administration team.  

For further information or to find an anaesthetist to suit your surgical needs, please phone our office on 3847 4477 and we will be happy to assist you.